1 in 3 women have or will be a victim of domestic violence in her lifetime. That’s a staggering statistic. Ophelia Metz is one of those women. When she opts to leave her cycle of violence, with her two children, she finds she has no place else to go, but into shelter. Sydell Thomas, a shelter worker, becomes Ophelia’s Advocate upon her arrival. Slowly, it is revealed that Sydell’s life is not unlike the lives of the women who come into shelter — it's closer than she thinks.

developed by: Mario Concina

  • 20/06/2017
    "This demonstrates how racial and gender bias and a lack of understanding of domestic violence issues continues to silence and criminalize women who are being abused."read more »

  • 15/06/2017
    Yes, this is proven true over and over. http://www.slate.com/blogs/xx_factor/2017/06/14/the_alexandria_shooter_had_a_history_of_domestic_abuse_like_most_mass_shooters.htmlread more »

  • 01/06/2017
    "Women in America face more danger from their husbands than they do a Muslim terrorist."read more »

  • 25/05/2017
    This! #BrilliantRoleReversalread more »

  • 24/05/2017
    #BreaktheCycleread more »

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developed by: Mario Concina