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developed by: Mario Concina

  • 09/08/2018
    ***TRIGGER ALERT*** Portions of the video posted by a local newspaper show the woman repeatedly trying to get away. “Violence leaves marks. Not seeing them leaves femicides.”read more »

  • 31/07/2018
    “When I felt that happen, my first thought was that it was one of my friends … it was a really intimate touch. His hand went further than it should have so I was thinking, ‘There’s no way a stranger just did that.’ ”read more »

  • 30/07/2018
    "Most doulas agree that the issue of obstetric violence is especially severe for women of color, and that discrimination based on race, ethnicity, age, socio-economic status, and marital status are widespread in maternity care."read more »

  • 05/07/2018
    "Anti-trafficking campaigners said correctional facilities must do more to prioritise the safety and protection of inmates and ensure staff understand the vulnerability of their institutions to human trafficking."read more »

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developed by: Mario Concina